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Re: [Orchid] Custom workman's ring
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R.E.Rourke Saturday, February 09, 2013
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    a strong alloy that won't get so damaged as high karat golds will
    with daily exposure to hand work- 14 kt gold would be the highest
    karat I would use if yellow or a colour is wanted. titanium, which
    isn't so easy to fabricate with traditional tools and methods, would
    be more practical but in my opinion not nearly as attractive.
    Palladium would be a white alloy with a decent perceived value being
    a platinum group metal but again, if white isn't desired. you are
    back to an alloy of gold in yellow or a colour other than red. If the
    person does electrical work then it seems moot as rule 1 in
    electrician's school is to remove metal jewelry when doing work- so
    any material the client desires could be used,.lower karat yellow
    golds while far stronger (9-12kt) will still need reshaping
    periodically to true the piece so make sure the shank has some width
    and isn't thin around the back of the finger. also setting any stone
    in the top as for a true signet which was designed to be used as a
    seal, the metal should rise a bit above the height you would
    ordinarily fabricate to offer a small degree of protection to the
    stone provided the person is going to wear the stone daily.. 

    The finger the person intends to wear it on is also of significance
    in the design process as if its a "pinkie" ring then that finger is
    usually curled under the hand grasping the hammer, etc and may get
    scratched readily -So a harder stone is a better choice than a soft
    material like turquoise, etc. carnelian, garnet, sapphire in any
    colour, spinel or zircon that comes in a huge variety of colours
    shouldn't be ruled out, jades or onyx which are available as "buff
    top" stones are very suitable, though static. Cabs or carved stones
    (perhaps a family heraldic crest or some organization's logo or
    identifying symbology is wanted so the material should then be chosen
    with carving also kept in mind) A stone like Covellite, though
    gorgeous and a stone men like due to the deep navy blue to iridescent
    red- violet (when waxed) and occasional white-ish matrix throughout
    some pieces isn't indicated as it's so soft one blow from a minor
    accident can shatter it to the point it is unrepairable. same for
    emeralds where temperature changes can affect it as well as blows
    make it impractical for everyday use. Sardonyx and other stones of
    arron may be wanted for symbolic reasons. It is also important in
    designing a custom piece to work with the client in selecting the
    hardest stone possible from his colour preferences and considering
    any meaning he would like to attach to the signet so it can become an
    heirloom or legacy that will hold up if he insists on wearing it to

    Perhaps when fabricating it make a couple of extra castings should
    it get lost or damaged, or at least, keep a copy of the model (a 3D
    printer can make one in seconds in a variety of materials on the
    spool, some of which can be directly burned out- many communities
    have shared equipment facilities or print shop style machine use
    where you pay per piece as you would for making any copy, the price
    varying with the material on the spool since some is water soluble,
    some solvent soluble, others can be burned out safely (with good
    ventilation), etc. and 3D printing is far faster than remaking a
    master again should the ring become damaged or lost. Some printer
    sharing facilities operators can load wax wire onto the spool if
    necessary- just tell the operator what you plan on using the copies
    for)..Otherwise a good plaster master from a model can be kept for
    future reference. But I would suggest his leaving the jewellery home
    during the work day for many reasons!...rer 

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