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Re: [Orchid] Guns and jewelers
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Kathy Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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    Excuse me for entering this post, but I felt compelled, particularly
    after reading John Barton's post, and I thank him very much for his
    words. I hope visiting his past to help others won't come with too
    heavy a price. 

    I am hearing again and again this need for you to protect your
    goods, and your loved ones, and your selves, from the "other guy" in
    your jewellery store and even your home, with the end result being
    to put the "bad guy" down, in case you just piss him off and he
    kills you back. 

    The language is straight out of Hollywood, but not, I think, very

    Have any of you considered the toll that taking another person's
    life will amount to in respect of your mental health, and your
    family's relationship with you? 

    Has anyone considered the possibility that being robbed and
    remaining whole within yourself would be imminently preferable to
    becoming unrecognisable to yourself and your loved ones? 

    No matter what you think of a person who chooses a life of crime and
    mayhem, no matter how we demonise them or distance them from their
    humanity in the language we use to describe them, they are still a
    human being and to take another's life.. 

    We recently had a programme on Australian television where an
    American death row executioner described his job and the toll it
    took on him. These were men condemned to death in a court of law by
    others, and yet this man was paying a very heavy price within

Respectfully, Kathleen.

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