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Re: [Orchid] Jewelry too creepy for me
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Nick Royall Thursday, January 24, 2013
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    Now, do you view it as jewellery or "art"? There are a few famous
    modern artists who have done this sort of thing before and sold the
    objects for absolute fortunes but at least they didnt claim the
    objects to be decorative or for personal adornment. I suppose it is
    the self-aggrandising publicity and price tag that I really object to
    as the piece has no real merit from a decorative perspective and
    there is little intrinsic value. Many cultures use scarring,
    piercing or tatooing for body adornment but I cannot think of any
    culture that would use their defaced parts as a method of trying to
    earn huge sums of money via a press release. If it was self-reference
    the "artist" wouldnt sell it so I think we are left with your last
    statement as the real reason for its creation. 

Nick Royall

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