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Re: [Orchid] Why CAD is it needed in our classes?
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bill wismar Friday, January 18, 2013
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>     You and Leonid want to return to jewelry design before CAD? Well I
>     want to return to the Orchid list the way it was before all of the
>     rudeness and mean spirited comments took over. 

    I said no such thing, as a matter of fact, I said CAD had it's
    place. I have used CAD and sold several rings made with CAD. I also
    don't think Leonid said he hated CAD, I think he said it can't do
    what good jewelers can do with the hands and mind. One of the major
    problems today is that people are reading things but not reading.
    They are reading with their blinders on and interpreting what was
    said and not just reading what was written. 

    Could it be that Orchid has fallen off because posters got sick and
    tired of being belittled by newbie's? I have posted my opinions many
    times and been attacked. I have thought many times about quitting
    Orchid, my wife would love for me to. Everyone wants to ask questions
    and listen to the answers they want to hear, but not the answers (and
    maybe the truth) the don't agree with. I have been in this business
    for almost 40 years, second generation jeweler, Am I the best
    jeweler, no. I would love to get better. I would give anything to
    have Leonid spend a month with me. (Hey Leonid want to come to the
    Gulf coast of Alabama and share some secrets. Your secrets and my 36'
    Ketch Sailboat for you to sail on) 

    I realize that my opinions are just opinions, many of the others
    don't. I really don't care if you like my opinions are not. I really
    don't care if you like my jewelry or not. I sell almost a half
    million dollars a year of my pieces along with the other artists that
    I have. If my customers are happy and buying that is what counts. Do
    I think I am doing something right, yes I do, could I do better, yes
    I could. 

    Bottom line is if nobody wants to hear 40 years worth of experience,
    maybe I'll just stop giving my opinions. Then all the newbie's would
    say I am selfish and all that feel good BS. 

This is it for me on this subject.

Bill Wismar

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