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Re: [Orchid] Why CAD is it needed in our classes?
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Lisa Bialac-Jehle Friday, January 04, 2013
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>     "How many jewellery pieces do you know with scorpions as subjects?
>     I bet no many if at all! Why do you think that is ? " 

    If you paid any attention between pontifications you would see that
    I already posted multiple pages of scorpions as jewelry subjects
    dating back to Roman times through an interpretation by Tiffany.
    ...there are hundreds more available. Try Google. AGAIN: CAD is a
    tool among many tools available to us. AGAIN: Tools are only as good
    as the person using those tools. AGAIN: A scorpion. pretty
    much anything. a viable subject for jewelry. 

    very traditional rings. Encouraging discourse is a positive trait.
    Repeatedly beating up people because they have a difference of
    opinion has grown tedious for all of us. 

    Lisa (A welcome warmer night here in southern California) Topanga,
    CA USA

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