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Re: [Orchid] Working with reticulated sheet
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Thomas H. Louthen III Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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>     I'm starting to work with some sterling sheet I reticulated a
>     while back. I want to set some cabochons in bezels on the sheet
>     surface. The solution I chose was to pierce the sheet, and file to
>     fit a bezel cup I made and solder it in. Pretty tedious, and high
>     potential for error. 

    I worked with reticulated metal (still do, when I can get in the
    shop) for many years. With sterling or 80/20 sheet, if it is heavy
    enough to have the necessary strength after this process, it's a
    little simpler that what you are doing. Just place you bezel cup on
    the sheet appropriately, draw around the cup then use your foredom
    and the appropriate burs to remove the bumps and wrinkles, and sweat
    solder the cup to the sheet. I use the Lewton Brain bur (bic lighter
    wheel on a mandrel) if there is enough room for the rough removal,
    clean up the edges with smaller burs, and finally use abrasive
    rubber/silicone wheels to get the area nice and flat, or what ever
    shape is necessary for a good fit. I almost always use all hard
    solder for my bezel making, allowing for use of medium for attaching
    the cup. You can't use hard solder on 80/20, because the melting temp
    is so low. If I am using gold, I use hard solder from beginning to
    end with very few exceptions. Thomas III

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