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Re: [Orchid] Cheap nitric acid
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John and Jo-Ann Donivan Tuesday, December 11, 2012
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>>    WHAT is DRY nitric acid? WHERE can it be bought? 

>     i buy dry muriatic acid. 

    R. E.'s language is a bit confusing, I think. There is no such thing
    as "dry nitric acid" or muriatic, either. Or sulfuric, forthat
    matter. All of those acids are gases dissolved in water, thoughthey
    aren't necessarily made that way. Evaporate them and there will be
    nothing left - water vapor and hydrogen chloride gas. There's nothing
    solid in there to be "dry nitric acid". Now, what you CAN have is
    "acidic salts" - sodium bisulphate, which is Ph Down and Sparex #2,
    is an acidic salt of sulfuric acid. When it's put into water it
    ionizes in a way that gives many of the properties of the acid, and
    there are nitric and chloride salts that do the same. But literally
    speaking there is no such thing as "dry nitric acid" because nitric
    acid is always a liquid. Just to clarify.

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