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[Orchid] Tourmaline sales of collector stones
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judy willingham Tuesday, December 04, 2012
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Hello Orchidland,

    A gem buddy of mine has an opportunity to purchase a collection of
    faceted tourmaline stones. However, he is unsure about the resale
    value of the really large stones, ie. 40 cts or so. Apparently these
    qualify as collector's stones as they would be too large for jewelry
    use. There are others that are smaller (2 cts to 6 cts), with quality
    varying from highly included to clear and bright. I have not seen any
    of these stones, so I'm repeating from our conversation. 

    I'm asking the Orchid community for input regarding interest in
    collector's stones as well as smaller ones. Are people buying? 

    You are welcome to respond offline and any input will be useful.
    Thanks everso, Judy in Kansas, where it has been a lovely day, but
    we'd REALLY like some rain. That would be nice. 

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