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Re: [Orchid] Rhodium plating pitfalls
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gustavo hoefs Saturday, November 24, 2012
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    My Problems with rhodium are usually spotting,dark spots. This
    problem occurs most often after i have used the same solution for a
    period of time. I have had good fortune at time adding replenisher or
    pen plating solution to the larger quantity usually 1/2 pint bottle.
    which then began performing adequately during plating. other problems
    included plating not adhering to platinum which may have been caused
    by the acidity of the solution, the etching properties or whatever is
    going on there chemically. My method of correcting plating solution
    issues now are solved most easily by getting new solution, I find
    that the time wasted not producing product is a much bigger loss than
    a new bottle of rhodium. I rarely rhodium over silver so I cannot
    comment about the silver contaminating the bath but i have had
    wonderful results plating silver with palladium, leaving the item in
    solution for longer periods with low voltage, if the item stays too
    long sometimes it will mis-color but you then polish gently and
    re-plate long enough to get good color

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