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Re: [Orchid] Making wax photos look like metal
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Noel Yovovich Sunday, November 18, 2012
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>     Makes more sense that the customer is nervous doing business by
>     email. Since I work with people in person and I have other jewelry
>     that they can look to understand how it will look, my customer has
>     more confidence they are going to get what they want.[snip] I also
>     have the experience that when I feel like I understand what the
>     customer wants 

    OK, Richard, this is all well and good, but really, what's your
    point? The question isn't really one of comparison between the way
    you do business and the way we do, is it? FWIW, the customers getting
    "viewings" by email are never new customers, they are repeat business
    now moved out of town, or on trips but not wanting their jewelry held
    up til they get back, etc. 

    But, glad as I am that you meet your customers' needs, I don't see
    the relevance to my question. 

    I am just looking for an easy solution to retouching wax photos to
    help our customers visualize-- even if they're in the store looking
    at the wax in person. So far, Photoshop seems to be the only option.
    I can do that-- I just thought there must be a ready-made solution
    for this, because it seems like something many jewelers would find

    If there were an app or a trick or a program for such a quick fix,
    you folks on Orchid would know about it. So I guess it isn't out
    there (yet). 

Thanks for the suggestions I have received!

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