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Re: [Orchid] Stakes
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Peter W . Rowe Sunday, November 18, 2012
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>     Most of them I am familiar with,but there is one that I've never
>     seen before and can't seem to get information on. 

    It's a crimping stake. In raising holloware, one method of angle
    raising used is to hammer radial crimps, or shallow waves/folds, into
    the metal. Kind of like a paper cupcake liner. That holds the metal
    at a new higher angle. Then, using smooth raising stakes, the crimps
    are hammered in, upsetting the metal into itself, resulting in a
    smooth surface to the metal, now at the higher conical angle to the
    base, slightly thicker or stretched outwards. Anneal, repeat... Your
    stake is made for putting in those crimps. Many metalsmiths do it
    over wooden crimping stakes rather than steel, as it results in fewer
    tool marks in the inside of the piece. But the steel stakes are
    handy, and can be used for other shaping tasks as needed. 


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