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Re: [Orchid] Your favorite stone....
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David Phelps Friday, November 16, 2012
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>     as it is not certifiable through the GIA or any such organization. 

    Just for what it's worth, the GIA doesn't "certify" anything or
    anybody. Even diamond is not certifiable by GIA. They'll grade it
    and issue a report of their findings, but they won't certify it. So
    when you disparage or otherwise discount a mineral as a gimmick or
    whatever and use for a reason or basis of your argument that it's
    "not certifiable", you're sort of using and relying on a false or
    nonexistent premise. 

    I thought that as long as you thought it was important enough to
    refer to certifiability a couple times, that it is equally important
    to also point out that there is no material on earth that is
    certifiable by the GIA. 

    I think it's also worth noting that most, if not all of the same
    arguments you listed concerning the stones you are trying so hard to
    disparage have been made about diamond too. And tanzanite, emerald,
    sapphire, and pretty much everything else that people dig out of the
    ground and facet or polish to make jewelry with. There are a lot of
    people around the world that consider the entire jewelry industry to
    be nothing but marketing gimmicks designed to dupe the unsuspecting
    consumer into believing that a chunk of rock (any rock) and a
    quarter ounce of watered down metal is valuable. It's surprising to
    me how many people that are somehow involved in the industry, some
    actually making their living at it, are posting that kind of
    conspiratorial junk right here on Orchid. We, of all people, should
    know better. 

Dave Phelps

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