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[Orchid] Making wax photos look like metal
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Noel Yovovich Friday, November 16, 2012
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    Is there a way to convert photos of waxes to looking like gold,
    relatively easily? 

    I confess that I have always skipped over any discussion of design
    programs, Rhino, etc, on Orchid, because I like to design and render
    the old fashioned way. 

    In my new job, as I have mentioned in the context of help with
    casting flaws, we do a lot of wax models. It occurs to me that it
    would help our customers visualize their finished jewelry if we could
    photograph a wax, then make it look like gold. 

    We don't design on the computer because most of our pieces are
    asymmetrical and organic, plus no one has CAD skills at work. A
    couple of us are good at Photoshop, but it would be cumbersome to try
    to change the color, add highlights and reflections, etc, "by hand".
    Is there a ready-made way to do this? 


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