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Re: [Orchid] Storing sterling jewelry
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R.E.Rourke Thursday, May 03, 2012
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    3M's anti tarnish strips...they have to be replaced after a few
    months in airtight storage but they remove/absorb sulphurous vapours
    that cause tarnish..your husband isn't that far off..the best
    plastic however is the type newspaper's come in as opposed to
    sandwhich bag plastics..the best a glass case with wood frame sealed
    with acid free varnish, marine varnish or microcrystalline
    not use a danish oil on the wood if building a case..and stains must
    be sealed.the inside can be lined with anti-rust padding ( comes in a
    roll, and covered with anti-tarnish felting - like jeweler's pouches
    are made from.It is available as yardage from conservator's
    suppliers. Ordinary jewelry boxes- particularly those made in china
    from particle board covered with screen printed wood look
    material..they are loaded with formaldehyde and promote tarnishing
    once they start to give off gasses from the construction materials
    which are as cheap as possible.handcrafted items are a bit better
    and a simple 3M anti-tarnish strip in each drawer will do the trick
    if the customer is conscientious about replacing them as needed. A
    good polishing cloth ( like Selvyt, Sunshine or Moonshine cloths -
    depending on the degree of abrasion the majority of the customer's
    jewelry collection can take- Moonshine is milder than sunshine, and
    Selvyt has an embedded rouge that is iron based ( all red rouges,
    even the newer water miscible types, contain iron oxides and in my
    opinion aren't the first choice, but in some locations they may be
    the only "higher quality" cloth available in stores. All the cloths
    i mentioned are available on line. ) should be part of the customer's
    maintenance instructions....rer

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