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Re: [Orchid] One of a kind pieces pricing dilemma
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shekina Saturday, April 28, 2012
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    Dear Brenda, another trick I have done, I have eliminated all of the
    odd pricing. I have trays, and I have them priced as
    $25/50/75/100/125/150. From there, when a piece is done, I decide
    which category I will sell it at. I have been doing this for 2 years
    now, and it simplifies my decisions. Also there are some pieces that
    are more profitable than others. Based on sheer design. 

    Another thing that I have done is eliminate my really fancy clasps
    on a general basis. I make 3-5 necklaces a day. I work with a
    tourist market that demands penny stuff. Daily I make one or two
    "bread and butter" then make a few nice pieces, then at the end of
    the day, I make a drop dead gorgeous piece. I do this because I know
    that the tourist market is what keeps me in materials. Then the
    middle section are the church and school teacher market that I have,
    and the expensive one is because I want to become better and better. 

    After many years of replacing fancy clasps, I have made a decision
    to use a simpler fail proof, problem proof clasp and keep much of my
    inventory cheaper. 

    Now with my pricing, I am just asking myself who would wear the
    necklace, The little old lady on a tour bus, a friend next to me in
    church or Sarah Palin. 

Blessings Pat

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