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Re: [Orchid] The silver enthusiast
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Gerald Vaughan Friday, April 13, 2012
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    It is true that oxygen does not seem to react with silver whereas
    sulfur does. However confusing it might seem, it is also the case
    that when sulfur reacts with silver that the reaction is technically
    understood to be an oxidation of silver by sulfur? A substance is
    said to be oxidized or reduced depending upon whether the substance
    gains or loses electrons in the reaction. I am relatively certain
    that this is correct. Does this fact clarify the matters under
    discussion? Right, I don't think so either. I suppose It is possible
    that, for practical purposes,one could receive too much information.
    This understanding of what oxidation is has no practical impact on
    the position that it is sulfur rather than oxygen which tarnishes

    I couldn't resist the opportunity to muddy the water a bit.
    Chemistry is fun. 

Gerald Vaughan

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