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Re: [Orchid] Borax misconceptions
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Pedro Alonso-Sanchez Friday, March 23, 2012
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Hello all,

    your completly correct Jin (as always)! 

    A nice way of using a solution with Borax and water is to mix borax
    with hot water, shake well and let it cool of. The obundant borax will
    cristalize on the bottem of the jar. Poor the liquid solution of and
    you've a perfect inexpensive solution against firescale. 

    After watching many jewellers and novices, I've seen that people are
    using a way to much of flux! Some of them are using it in the way to
    learn a metal swimm in flux I quess. The proper way of using a flux
    is to preheat your metal first then aply flux (with a brush) where
    the flux immediatly evaporates. A thin white layer of powdered flux
    should be visable and that's it. No more no less. 

    I still experience that many goldsmiths are pooring there flux on
    their workpiece, heat the metal "cooking" their flux and then place
    their solder on top of it. Some of them like to see their solder dance
    by laying their solder on top of the wet flux. One whould be amazed
    how often this happends! Other once apply a tick layer of powdered
    boric acid (about 2mm and I'm serious know!). 

    By all means, I'm not correcting anyone or shooting arrows but there
    is a better way of using flux and this way can be one of them saving
    you a few bottles of flux a year. Feel free to perform you
    solderoperation the way it works for you. 

Enjoy and have fun,

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