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Re: [Orchid] Flex shaft drill press (x-y vice)
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Alberic Saturday, October 29, 2011
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Hi Samantha,

    I've got a Foredom DP-95 (their "precision" drill press mount for a
    #30 handpiece). The main difference is that it has a dial indicator
    on it rigged up to show vertical motion, and an adjustable table that
    I never use. (vertical adjustable. I just leave it locked full down.)
    Built very well, and it's possible to make a simple fence for it
    that'll let you do basic **WAX** milling easily. 

    There's a Proxxon XY table that may fit your needs, but the #30
    handpiece isn't designed for milling on metal. The bearings won't
    take it for long. (and believe me, none of the cheaper flex shafts
    will do it for long either.) You can mill wax with it effectively
    though. The small XY tables are really intended as XY *positioning*
    tables, for accurate hole drilling, rather than milling. They're not
    built tight enough to move smoothly under load, at least the pocket
    sized ones I've seen. 

For whatever that's worth.

PS-->none of these options will be cheap. My memory is the DP-95 is
in the $250 range.

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