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Re: [Orchid] Identifying turquoise
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Peter W . Rowe Friday, May 06, 2011
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>     I agree. Doesn't look like any turquoise I've ever seen. 

    Then perhaps you've not seen much "spiderweb" turqoise. From that
    small image, it's impossible to say much of anything, but it is not
    inconsistant with that sort of matrix pattern. In material available
    recently, I'd guess that it would be more likely to be chinese
    turqoise than U.S. source, but that's based only on what I see at
    the gem shows. There's nothing much I see in that "spiderweb" matrix
    pattern that's obviously unlike what one can find in the real thing.
    Of course, there's also nothing visible in that image that also
    rules out any of several fakes, but from what I can see, it's
    possible it's real. I have a number of pieces of turqoise, some quote
    old, some more recent, which a similar spiderweb pattern, and these,
    I know to be genuine... 

Peter Rowe G.G.

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