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Re: [Orchid] Goldsmith is the state of mind, not a profession
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Paf Dvorak Thursday, May 05, 2011
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>     It's not longer about being a goldsmith, metalsmith or what ever
>     you may want to call ones self today, all one needs is a computer,
>     a CAD program and a sense of design and there you go. You're now a
>     "jewelry designer". It's easy to find someone to grow or mill your
>     design and cast it, and let's face it the finishing processes is
>     very important (to me it makes or breaks a piece) but there is so
>     much poorly finished pieces out there I really don't think the
>     consumer knows the difference. 

    It's up to us to educate the consumer. I have a computer and am
    learning CAD and I just built a foundry furnace and am learning sand
    casting. I make all my own wire and sheet and alloy my metals. I
    also use a microscope and a GraverMax. I think you're making a lot of
    assumptions. Let me make one: It's time for some people to retire.

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