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Re: [Orchid] Goldsmith is the state of mind, not a profession
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leonid surpin Wednesday, May 04, 2011
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    Somehow this subject morphed into CAD/CAM discussion, which is an
    interesting subject in itself, but the question " what is and who is
    a goldsmith ?" have much broader implications. So, with your
    permission, I will try to nudge this question towards a wider

    I promise to do it without any scatological references. I sympathize
    with all of you, who express their dismay at the form that one
    individual on this forum have chosen to express his opinions. As
    disagreeable as it is, we have to come to grips with the fact, that
    certain ways of upbringing leave an indelible mark on person's
    behavior thought their lives. So, we simply have to accept it and
    move on. 

    Historically, a goldsmith was a person who worked with gold.
    However, this simple description implies quite a lot. What is the
    difference between coppersmith and goldsmith? The methods of shaping
    of the metal is almost the same; tools are largely interchangeable;
    scale of objects is different, but it can be ignored for the purposes
    of this discussion. 

    The difference is that goldsmith must carefully preserve every bit
    of metal, and very carefully chose methods of fabrication, with this
    preservation in mind. Coppersmith does not have this impediments. No
    good craftsman would waste anything, but it is secondary for
    everybody, except goldsmith. 

    This constant concern for the metal, over the ages, produced a type
    of craftsman with unique ways of thinking, and ingenious fabrication
    methods. Let's face it, it is not difficult to produce what goldsmith
    does, if use of industrial equipment is allowed. It is exceptionally
    difficult, if one has to rely only on hand tools. 

    This sheds some light on CAD/CAM approaches. While results may be the
    same, or almost the same - the way to achieve it makes a difference. 

    Desire to accumulate wealth is almost universal. If a person build
    business, employ people, and accumulate wealth this way, we welcome
    it. If a person achieve the same result by selling drugs on the
    street corner, most of us will reject this idea of wealth
    accumulation. So, to define what and who is a goldsmith ? we must
    consider the process itself. 

Leonid Surpin

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