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Re: [Orchid] Identifying turquoise
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James Pace Monday, May 02, 2011
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    I must comment here and will probably be refuted, but, in my many
    years of collecting, polishing and setting turquoise, I have found it
    nearly impossible to identify by examining in person, much less by
    pictures, most turquoise. Many "experts" will state positively that
    the stone in question is from such and such mine, and while most
    mines do have some characteristics in general, many mines have a wide
    variety of stones coming from the same vein. 

    While the identity of the stones you are setting is not critical,
    you should be wary of anyone positively identifying from pictures. 

    Since I live and work in New Mexico and have an ongoing love affair
    with turquoise, I would be interested in seeing some pics if you
    would care to email me some. 

Jim Pace

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