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Re: [Orchid] Goldsmith is the state of mind, not a profession
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Peter Schlosser Monday, May 02, 2011
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    It's not longer about being a goldsmith, metalsmith or what ever you
    may want to call ones self today, all one needs is a computer, a CAD
    program and a sense of design and there you go. You're now a
    "jewelry designer". Two responses and one idea to this idea that
    people that 'just sit at a computer' are somehow robbing metalsmiths
    of their career. (1) CAD people that don't have a practical
    background (I.e., are benchies of one sort or another) often, maybe
    usually, come up with designs that aren't very practical. The designs
    are laughably unusable. The renders are breath-taking but as jewelry
    they just won't work. So they aren't any competition to you. (2) I
    often feel benchies disapprove of people that 'just sit at a
    keyboard' and design jewelry (see above), as if they are somehow a
    lower form of life. News flash: there is a significant outlay for
    equipment/software and a steep learning curve to become a good CAD
    designer. By the time they are putting out valid designs they have
    paid their dues, just as benchies have. It's true if you purchase one
    of the higher-end programs such as Matrix you can be putting out
    perfectly acceptable three-stone rings pretty quickly, but, so what?
    It's just like every else's three-stone ring. In addition to the poor
    designers, there are also excellent designers 'just sitting at a
    keyboard'. They have a lot of talent, they've made a big investment,
    they've learned the necessary skills and they've put it all to work.
    Why should they apologize? IDEA: Come to grips with the fact that the
    only unchanging fact of life is that there is always change. How many
    times through history has this lament been sounded? "Huh. Grog make
    wheel. Now Grunt no longer got job hauling rocks on back like Big
    Spirit intended." Any metalsmith/designer that feels their lifestyle
    is threatened by CAD can do what I'm doing. Learn CAD. If it's is the
    tool-of-the-day, so be it.

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