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Re: [Orchid] Goldsmith is the state of mind, not a profession
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Kevin Potter Monday, May 02, 2011
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    I completely agree with jbdwizard1. Wax carving and casting was the
    core of my business. I watched it erode over time. In the beginning
    I was able to compete against CAD/CAM machines simply because I was
    cheaper and the programs were not as sophisticated. Now, they can
    make anything much better than a human can make it. And all of the
    casting houses will now carve your piece and cast it all in house for
    very little money. I really believe that the future of goldsmithing
    will be in hand fabricated work. The value of cast and machine carved
    pieces will decline, just like every manufactured item. It starts out
    expensive and gets cheaper and cheaper. The only reason they will be
    worth anything at all is the value of their materials because anyone
    can scan the item and reproduce it. It doesn't require a skilled


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