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Re: [Orchid] Type IIa diamonds
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Kevin Lindsey Sunday, May 01, 2011
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    Gerry, If I am correct in understanding you, you will be going to
    view this auction. If so, please look at the back of this tiara. In
    the video, near the end of the clip, the viewer can get a three
    quarter view of the mount. I am very curious to know whether the
    center and adjacent emeralds are removable. I am wondering if they
    convert to drops? If possible, let us know. The economy of dual usage
    might be viewed as an inability to afford multiple pieces, thus
    reducing social standing. I am interested in knowing whether dual
    usage is found among the great treasures of antiquity. Secrets of
    nobility, so to speak. I love the practicality of convertible
    jewelery, but I am not burdened with maintaining my social standing.

Regards, Kevin

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