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Re: [Orchid] New 5 inch knew concept saw problem
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Lee Marshall Sunday, May 01, 2011
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    Blades too short?....clamps too far apart? 

    After I settled on the dimensions for the saw frame based upon the
    International standard of 5-1/8" long blades, everything else was
    nailed down. 

    After having settled on all the dimensions, I also encountered long
    and short blades, and here is a "work around" for it. 

    Loosen the two set screws on the bottom clamp that secure the clamp
    to the frame. Move the clamp up about 1/16" and re-tighten the set
    screws. Make sure that the back of the clamp is firmly against the
    vertical portion of the frame so that the blade alignment does not

    Moving the clamp upwards will expose the tang hole in the handle,
    and unless you want to collect all of your precious metal fines in
    there, I suggest that you use a small amount of sealer (bathtub
    caulk, for example) to seal the top of the hole before reinstalling
    the clamp. 

    Because of the blade length issue, I have made a blade length gauge
    right on the frame. The changeover is now complete on all of the new
    frames currently in production, with the last one to convert was the
    3". The gauge is at the rear spine of the frame, and the "windows"
    have been changed from rounded corners to a flat at the top and
    bottom that measures 5-1/8" apart. It is now really easy to verify
    blade length. 

    You can add a pair of marks to your frame with a scribe and
    accomplish the same thing. 

I hope that this helps.
Lee (the saw guy)

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