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Re: [Orchid] [Tidbits] Royal Pave
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hans meevis Friday, March 04, 2011
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    The Royal Pave kerfuffle was interesting. 

    I had never been requested to set like that before, so I thought I
    would try it out on a few cubics and some silver. 

    I am quite experienced as a setter, up to the level of setting for
    other jewellers, but I am by no means a total expert. 

    Well, I did get the three stones to set tight, but not in a manner
    that I would let out of my shop. I did five different attempts, with
    3mm stones and then with 2.5mm stones. If the stones are very close
    together, the center triangle, packed or not, is to small to bead
    over all three stones. If the stones are set slightly further apart
    and the triangle is packed there is still not really enough material
    to form a bead. I imagine if a flat 'pusher' was used, the center
    tri-angle could be squashed over, but that would look ugly. 

    As it is, I put up a temporary picture on my blog to show what it
    looks like. Just some rough work to see how the metal moves. 

    As can be seen, its more the flashing that holds the stones in,
    rather that an actual bead. None of my setting books actually show how
    to do it correctly, and I cannot find any examples on the internet.
    Anybody got some good close up pictures?

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