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Re: [Orchid] Too cool for school
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andrew cooperman Thursday, June 03, 2010
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>     Make stuff! Give yourself assignments -- create a line, even if
>     you have no intention of selling. Get a project book and make
>     everything in the book. Make a lot of gifts, in the spirit of Adorn
>     America. Be your own teacher, grasshopper. 

    I think that Elaine offers really sound advice. Formal education
    (university, trade school, art center, art school) is certainly a
    proven and, for some, smart way to approach a career. But it is one
    of many ways.... 

    Given the limitations of your circumstance, why not set yourself
    some goal- perhaps assembling a body of work for a solo exhibition--
    and begin to make pieces. As each is completed, photograph it and
    send the images to a "review board' or "education committee" (could
    be Orchid or whatever group of people you trust and who have the time
    and inclination to comment) for comment and criticism. 

    Now is a great time to "home school". With the communication tools
    offered by the web, including Bench Tube and various tutorials,
    isolation is a much different situation. 

    Good luck and by all means keep working. 

Take care, Andy

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