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Re: [Orchid] Ph-Down for pickle solution
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Dave Arens Friday, January 08, 2010
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Hi Jon,

    I've been using Ph-down for years. I use a Rival 4 qt. ceramic lined
    crockpot. I usually put about 1 1/2- 2 qts. of water in it,. Then I
    just pour the Ph out of the container right into the pot. If I had
    to guess, I'd say I put about 1 cup of Ph in it. When I turn the pot
    on I usually set it on low. When the liquid level gets low, I just
    add more water. 

    I use ordinary tap water (ours is very hard, lots of calcium). I
    don't think the teflon coating is a problem unless the post is made
    of a ferrous metal. If that's the case, if the teflon gets a hole in
    it & the metal the pot is made from is a ferrous metal you could get
    a coppetr plating on any sterling items you put in the pot. Pickle
    pots are better if they have a ceramic or glass lining. 


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