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Re: [Orchid] [Source] Online rough gemstone sellers
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leonid surpin Tuesday, January 05, 2010
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>     Maybe, but it doesn't apply to rough. I wouldn't even know where
>     to start with a grading system for rough. There are seller
>     descriptions like "eye clean" or "90% clean", but it depends on
>     whose eyes :-) 

>     From my perspective clarity grade for rough should not be even
>     mentioned. 

    I am looking for non GIA descriptor like "cobbed". If you ask for
    GIA clarity grade, and seller will provide with one, you know that
    seller is full of H2S. However, hue, tone, and saturation are very
    useful and should be asked for. 

>     Even for finished stones, there's controversy. The late cutter
>     Jeff Graham said "I do not use or agree with GIA's grading system"
>     for colored stones. That certainly didn't stop him from selling his
>     product. 

    Graham's disagrement with GIA system is largely based on absence of
    "flawless" grade. His point is easy to understand if one considers
    that Graham was a competition cutter and could produce flawless
    gemstone. I would be upset also, if some academic would make my work
    non-existent based on statistical likelihood of the event was
    virtual zero. I myself would like for GIA to reconsider their
    approach, but this is very minor and practically does not affect

Leonid Surpin

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