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Re: [Orchid] Discerning symmetry errors in a pattern
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Helen Hill Sunday, November 01, 2009
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>     I'm betting that if you tested all the serious metal smiths and
>     jewelers a significant number would test positive for
>     obsessive-compulsive-anal -retentive disorder. 

    Oh, don't even go there! I have a really bad case of that, as my
    children would attest to. I'm afraid I can't even peg my washing out
    on the line, without using matching coloured pegs on each garment
    (where it needs more than one). I had a big bed sheet hanging on the
    line the other day, which had six pale blue pegs on it. My daughter
    sneaked out and changed one of them for a red one and was then
    sniggering at me for hours until I noticed! And then of course,
    there's the compulsive checking the doors and windows at night to
    see whether I've locked them. 


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