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Re: [Orchid] Ice casting....
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Ruta Murphy Saturday, August 08, 2009
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>     I do understand that some folks want to pour metal onto something,
>     or into something, and assemble something from the resulting
>     organic shapes that are formed by the action of gravity. But, again
>     just from my perspective, why not spend the same amount of time and
>     energy with hammer and saw and file and learn to make well crafted
>     jewelry by the skillful application of tool on metal?

    Not so very long ago when I first took a few classes in making metal
    jewelry, my teacher told me that her casting classes were for the
    more advanced students who already had a good understanding of
    working metal using "basic tools and equipment." I am still working
    metal using basic tools and equipment - - and loving every chance I
    have to use them. (though I have not yet learned how to melt and
    make my own ingots) Perhaps one day I will learn how to be a real
    "goldsmith." Thank you Michael!

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