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Re: [Orchid] Changing the term "semi-precious" stones
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John Donivan Thursday, October 16, 2008
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>     so I feel there must remain an element of subjectivity in the act
>     of classifying a stone, so it is possible for one stone to be given
>     different classifications depending on who does the job! 

    Not just frequently but usually, Jane ;<} Also speaking to something
    Neil posted this morning.... GIA's diamond grading system is perfect
    but for one mistake - the use of the word "flawless". It should be
    NI for "no inclusions". And Leonid, the world doesn't care if a stone
    is yellow from nitrogen or paint, it's just yellow. Arcane lab work
    is about that, but not day-to-day diamond buying and selling, which
    is what the system is for. Getting a GG is not on the same planet as
    having a Phd in geology or gemology - it's just gem testing and

    The GIA system does NOT say that D color is "better", or that M is
    "worse". It just has a scale of color, and a scale of clarity - and
    a scale of make, too. It is humans who assign emotions to that
    system, and want what they think is "Best". Not only is that not
    GIA's intent, it's stated outright in the mission statements in the
    courses - D color is D color, it's not "the best color". It is simply
    and merely a way of putting like stones into the same parcels,
    speaking a common language in the industry, and nothing more. It's
    the marketplace that assigns the relative value. 

    I fear that one who doesn't see the art of nature is indeed

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