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Re: [Orchid] How hard is engraving to do?
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Jeff Herman Wednesday, September 03, 2008
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    Listen people, it's the end product that matters. I've seen so much
    poor engraving by "seasoned" engravers, it would sicken you. You want
    to see chatter marks? There's plenty of examples out there from old
    school engravers. These individuals push that tool far beyond the
    time they should have retired. What if you're 65 years old and have
    carpel tunnel? Aren't you going to want that mechanical assist? I
    sure as hell would. It's all in how proficient you are with your
    technique and how well you sharpen that tool. How engraving "should"
    be done? Please, that's an elitist view. I've probably seen more
    engraving from around the world than anyone on this list. As a
    restoration specialist, I can say with absolute conviction that
    there are damn few outstanding holloware engravers left in this

    If someone asks you to make a simple, smooth bowl, are you going to
    raise it or spin it? Does it matter as long as you end up with the
    same results? Of course not. 

    See, you got me all cranky first thing in the morning ;~) 

Jeff Herman
Herman Restoration & Conservation

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