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Re: [Orchid] Incorporating tanzanite
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Jeff Wednesday, July 30, 2008
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But the basis to all of this....

    Value or worth is what someone is willing to pay for it....If those
    overpriced baubles or art brings someone great joy through the
    memories of an experience who's to say they got bad deal? If the
    jeweller was not disclosed or the artwork was not disclosed as a
    print then it would be unethical. I think the person saying
    'thousands for a print' is using hyperbole and probably has never
    been on a cruise. 

    Jewellery purchases are usually discretionary...if it is for an
    investment the retail customer would not have any positive return
    buying at the retail level. 

    Everyone in this industry has their 'own markups' and I'm sure there
    has been whole topics as to what is too much to basically
    comes down to ego, on the premises, that you did not get the sale and
    someone else did; and you are trying to make excuses as to why the
    other persons offering is of less value than yours. 

    Its just with it. 

    I'm blunt and not 'touchy feely' which I'm sure will offend those
    artsy types. 


Jeff W. Nechka
Premier Gems LTD.

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