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Re: [Orchid] Kunzite fade in any light
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James Binnion Friday, July 04, 2008
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    Your original statement that has lead to many responses which have
    tried in very basic language to describe an extremely complex
    subject of atomic decay that most of us myself included are truly not
    qualified to argue in depth. 

    However your statements below that gamma radiation is neutron
    radiation and that nickel-60 is radioactive which started this
    thread is still totally incorrect and all your replies to the
    contrary will not change that. 

>     Cobalt 60 becomes Nickel 60 and as by-product of the decay, Beta
>     type radiation is produced. Nickel 60 is high energy isotope in his
>     own right and it does emit Gamma (neutron) type radiation as a by-
>     product of it's decay. 

    I am glad you are doing some reading and finding out about things
    like bremsstrahlung (to brake) radiation. But again the gamma
    radiation that causes secondary radiation via bremsstrahlung
    generates x-rays if the energy of the collision is high enough. It
    does not split an atom and eject a free neutron nor does the nucleus
    of cobalt-60 have any extra neutrons than will spontaneously emit.
    And nickel-60 is still stable. 

    This horse is so dead it is decayed 


James Binnion
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