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Re: [Orchid] More TIG type welding for jewelry
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Kevin Lindsey Friday, July 04, 2008
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>     Kevin indicated he was using a WP50 and occasionally a WP9 torch.

    Don, It's the other way around. I don't know that it makes a
    difference other than the shape of the torches are different. The
    WP-9 has a larger tungsten and amperage capacity. I have a flex coil
    in the handle which allows me to blend it in compound shapes and I
    use a gas lens cap. I have a long back cap on it so I can put full
    length pieces of tungsten in it. The WP-50 does not have a back cap.
    Currently is unavailable with a flex coil and can not be fitted with
    a gas lens. The large amperage weld was made with as a short duration
    (dwell) as my machine is capable of: 1/10 of a second. http:// These welds were over 2 mm in diameter.
    Conductivity and area influence the amount of amperage. Consider that
    it is very difficult for me to join a fiction post to 10 X 10 earring
    plate. The post wants to melt away from the plate. After a tiny
    connection between the post and plate is made the post then can have
    a base fillet added with greater ease. I believe this is because the
    post becomes part of the total 10 X 10 area in which electrons are
    energized. I encourage you to try some welds. Find a machine that can
    do spot welds as well as continuous runs of welds. See what happens
    and let me know. Regards, Kevin 

Kevin Lindsey

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