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Re: [Orchid] Kunzite fade in any light
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leonid surpin Tuesday, July 01, 2008
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>     My problem with your statements is that they are wrong. First
>     nickel-60 is the end state of the radioactive decay of cobalt-60. 

    I will do it step-by-step: 

    Cobalt 60 emits beta particles and gamma rays. This is not in
    dispute. Cobalt 60 nucleus contains 27 protons and 33 neutrons. This
    is also not in dispute. Since it is not stable configuration, one
    neutron changes to proton and one electron emitted ( aka beta
    radiation ). Result is Nickel 60 with nucleus composed of 32 neutrons
    and 28 protons. If what you are saying is true, then where is the
    gamma rays come from? 

>     Nickel-60 itself has no radioactive emissions period. 

    I never said that Nickel 60 has "radioactive emission period".
    Relaxation into lower energy state is not radioactive emission period
    in the context of radioactive decay. 

>     For a basic description see 

    wikipedia is not the source that I would use as a reference on the

>     Second gamma and neutron radiation are two distinct separate types
>     of radioactive emissions you insist on saying that gamma radiation
>     is neutron radiation and this is like saying that black is white. 

    Gamma rays are pulses of electromagnetic energy. Visible light,
    radio waves, microwaves are all correctly classified as gamma rays. I
    refer you to the work of James Clerk Maxwell for more details. 

    In context of radioactive decay, there are only 3 types of radiation:
    alpha, beta, and gamma. Neutron radiation in this context does not
    exist. It is not a scientific term, it is a colloquial term to
    describe energy resulting from the change in energy state(s). The
    distinction that you are making is a breathtakingly nonsensical. 

>     Neutron radiation is extremely high energy radiation and is only
>     released by nuclear fission or fusion reactions, very high energy
>     physics apparatus like liner accelerators or the decay of heavy
>     transuranic isotopes( U-235, Cf-252 Pu-239) or isotopes of very
>     light elements (He-5, Be-13) not he intermediate weight
>     radioactive isotopes like cobalt-60. 

    To avoid repetition I refer you to the explanation above. 

>     For a basic explanation see

    wikipedia is a great source to look up pasta sauce recipes. I would
    not use it for anything else. 

Leonid Surpin

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