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Re: [Orchid] Sharpening disc cutters
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John Donivan Monday, March 03, 2008
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>     The bottom part of the Disc Cutter's Block is not a cutting edge but
>     you can use this to guide 

    Kenneth is correct, but that doesn't mean the bottom flat is not
    important. If you make it convex it will dish your discs and not cut
    well or maybe at all, if you make it concave you will lose the
    support for your cutting edge, and possibly affect your discs, too.
    In tool steel the human thing is going to be to sharpen the edge and
    make the center convex, because it is a lot of work. I tried to put
    out a way that would be reasonably precise - a drill motor and a
    stone and toolrest, but Jim is right. For a good job they must be
    precision ground one way or another. I could do it on my lathe with a
    toolpost grinder (for myself - don't want the job....), but sandpaper
    will be death for them. You can't generate a.001" edge with .01"
    (or.1") resolution tools - can't be done.

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