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Re: [Orchid] Precision scroll saw
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James Binnion Thursday, January 03, 2008
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>     Most any woodworking saw will do piercing, 

    And a screwdriver can be used as a chisel, but it doesn't work
    nearly as well as chisel when used like one. 

>     I highly recommend the Hawk precision scroll saw, it is one of the
>     best on the market. 

    I think the Hawk is a fine saw and actually looked into buying one
    just before the New Concept saw came out. I have used a Hawk to cut
    brass sheet (the easiest metal to saw cut) and it works to a degree
    but still suffers from the same list of problems as any scroll saw
    designed to cut wood when used on metal suffers from. Lack of
    stiffness and short stroke length. These two items make it just
    about impossible to do fine work with a scroll saw designed for wood.
    What is considered fine detail work in wood is large and coarse in
    metal and with those long springy arms no scroll saw will ever do
    precision work in metal. Also with a Hawk saw selling for nearly
    $1000 you might as well buy the right saw for the job. Lee Marshals
    New Concept saw does precision work in metal. I can cut lace work
    designs that are as delicate (or maybe more delicate) as I can cut
    with my jewelers saw with it and have much less hand fatigue and arm
    strain after a couple of hours at the saw. 

    Check it out at 


James Binnion
jbin AT
James Binnion Metal Arts

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