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Re: [Orchid] [Workshop] Making a Living Making Jewelry
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R . E . Rourke Sunday, July 01, 2007
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Hello Kevin,

    Is Santa Fe your choice due to convenience,proximity to your
    residence or just a space you can use? 

    I personally find that trying to locate any major event in a
    centrally located state brings not only more interest in that it is
    more affordable for air travel,paying for per diem and hotel costs
    is far less in,say Tennessee,N.Georgia, North Carolina,[ If Not New
    Orleans (most airlines fly into its international airport,the city
    needs the revenue desperately and has a wide range of affordable if
    not free facilities to host such events ! ),levels the field as far
    as accessibility to small scale jewelers without a business/es
    backing their being able to attend,and is central to a growing number
    of schools and centres of metalsmithing and jewelry making arts and
    is unaffected except in Feb. by airport closings etc., due to weather
    events...there are more pro's as well but i'm mainly curious as to
    why Santa Fe wins.. thanks..sounds like a wkshp. many could use. 


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