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Re: [Orchid] Tig Welding
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JONLEE Saturday, June 02, 2007
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    I tried this route: 

    I bought a small TIG welder (Miller 150STH, about $1,500 including
    argon gas connections), about the smallest portable TIG welder you
    can get; bought a small torch (Weldcraft WP-50 torch, about $200)
    that will hold very small electrodes (down to 0.5 mm). 

    General conculsions: 

    1. VERY difficult to weld silver and/or gold with any accuracy, even
    at low amperages (10-20 amps) 

    2. generally the pieces reached melting temperatures so fast, even
    at low amperage, that the pieces were destroyed 

    I should mention that I have been TIG welding bronze sculpture for
    years, and consider myself an experienced TIG welder. I am still
    playing with this jewelry-sized setup, but am no way near a point
    where I can be confident that the metal pieces will not be damaged,
    or completely blown away! I will post again on Orchid if I start to
    make any headway - but looks doubtful at this point. 

    Any input from others trying the TIG welding route would be most

    Does anyone know an email address for Kevin Lindsay (who presented
    papers on TIG welding jewelry at the Santa Fe Symposium)? 

Jon Steel

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