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Re: [Orchid] Another Scam?
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clbinninger Monday, February 12, 2007
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    This is the old scam by now. One dear sweet, but kinda silly customer
    sent them three shipments of gold chains, It has to do with money
    orders or bank checks they can not cash in Nigeria. Same deal third
    party operator. She caught on when they started asking for X boxes
    and other non jewelry items. Another friend of mine's son was looking
    to unload this 280 Z Datson project cars, which they were willing to
    ship to Nigeria. One a running car the other with racing parts. They
    pulled his name out of the Thifty Nickle, a local cheap classified ad
    paper. When his dad by chance anwsered the third party call and asked
    them why they didn't cash the check or money order themselves, they
    never called again. I think Nigeria means NO!

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