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Re: [Orchid] Conceptual Jewelry
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angela ajootian Monday, January 01, 2007
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>     I was hoping we might be able to change the direction of this
>     thread (in view of the fact that we are entering a new year). It
>     might be inspiring and mood-lifting (for me anyway) if people might
>     post some of their own ideas of who/what is an inspiration to them.
>     Which artists do you admire? What are your ideas of conceptual
>     jewelry? 

    Ok. This sounds somewhat pedantic, but my own life is my
    inspiration. Suresure, I've got stacks of books on jewelry and period
    art and gallery collectives and the ubiquitious shelf of Rio
    catalogues... but these are not as critical as walking in the
    wilderness, moseying down the isle at the market, travel near or far,
    staring at toast. And in the balance it's these quiet personal things
    that will glue the mental slideshow of biennial presentations and the
    Old Masterworks together. 

    But I do like Lori Talcott and Viki Ambery-Smith. I also enjoy
    cruising online jewelry auctions [not eBay, the 'good' ones] and
    riffling through their archives, esp. as their works are usually
    categorized nicely with a price reference and range from all
    periods. I can then easily save the images I like for my own
    handy-dandy refrence.

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