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Re: [Orchid] Jewelry weekend workshops
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Daniel Spirer Wednesday, October 04, 2006
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>     So, what sort of recourse would one have if one purchased gemstones
>     that were treated and the treating wasn't disclosed? 

    My question to you is are you talking about buying treated gems as a
    retailer that you are then going to resell or are you talking about
    a customer buying treated gems retail from you without being told? If
    it's the latter (the consumer) then they can take you to court and,
    if they have a good attorney, probably win up to triple damages.
    Damages can be more than the cost of the actual stone if they can
    prove some other nonsense like emotional damage as well. If your
    suppliers aren't disclosing treatment, then you need to encourage
    them to do that (joining the AGTA is a good first step for them) and
    if you're unhappy about what you're getting from them make them take
    it back. Usually suppliers will want to keep you as a customer so
    they should be willing to take goods back that you are unhappy with.
    The best solution to all of this, however, is to only buy from
    trusted gem suppliers (again the AGTA is a good place to start since
    members HAVE to disclose treatment) who will tell you honestly what
    you are getting. If the supplier is in the US and they won't take the
    goods back then you could probably sue them as well, based on the
    laws as they are written, but I can't say I've heard of that
    happening (yet). 

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