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Re: [Orchid] Cost of stamping, casting and wax start up?
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daniel Saturday, March 18, 2006
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    Ive been reading and from what I understand there are Ink Jet type
    printers that print a wax model in very good detail and quality.
    Depending upon the resolution, parts can be "printed" in wax for
    about $10-15 per millimeter of height. I don't know much about this
    yet and am eager to find out more, but wonder if this could work for
    what I want. I can make the wax ring shank and have the more
    detailed parts "printed". The coin type medals could probably be
    "printed" all together. And I suspect it would be so much cheaper
    than $200 each piece. Does anyone know about this type of model
    making? It sounds like this is doing what technology is suppose to
    do, and that is make it cheaper to produce to help make things more
    affordable. I like that. Im really excited that someone who has seen
    my work and knows me, thinks I have what it takes, and I really want
    to try to make a go at this. I first tried to get a friend involved,
    but I get the impression he isnt that interested. t, I cant blame
    him. So I want to see if I can make this work on my own. 


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