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Re: [Orchid] Orchid Studio Outfit Raffle 2006 Winner Announced
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Karen Lechner Sunday, February 05, 2006
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Dear All

    It is now over 16 hours since Hanuman phoned. My husband is laughing
    at me because I am still not drifted down back to earth and expect
    to be airborne for quite a while yet. As you can see I forwarded the
    news to friends and relatives, a couple of whom inadvertently posted
    to the Orchid List. 

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the organizers and
    sponsors of the Orchid List for this wonderful prize. Rest assured
    that every bit of it will be used to the fullest extent. Orchid is
    the most wonderful resource. The archives are amazing and the email
    postings are a delight to read every day. I so appreciate the sharing
    atmosphere and problem solving approach of the posts. The people who
    make up this community are very special. I had the pleasure of
    attending the 2004 Orchid dinner and hope to be there in 2007. 

    I will write a proper thank you when I am less excited and more able
    to concentrate. Most of last night was spent perusing the Rio Grande
    and Gesswein catalogues and speculating on the 3M box of goodies! To
    say nothing of visiting the websites of the sponsors! 

    Karen Lechner

    (who has to teach at George Brown College tomorrow - so had better
    develop some concentration FAST! I am teaching in the room next door
    to Gerry- the Cyber-Setter, and after eavesdropping on just one
    class, want to take his classes next time they are offered.) 


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