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Re: [Orchid] Duty and Tax on jewellery sent to US from UK?
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Tracy Burlison Saturday, December 03, 2005
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Hello Stephen,

    There's a lot of really good information about international
    shipping on Ebay's community chat boards. In particular the
    International Trading and Packaging & Shipping threads. (From the
    main page click on community, discussion boards, community help

    From what I understand, the US Post Office is the way to go for
    international shipping. Private carriers, such as UPS and FedEx will
    charge additional delivery fees before releasing a package for
    anything shipped from the U.S. to another country. This may be the
    "tax" you are being charged for your packages from the UK. 

    Insurance, tracking and delivery confirmation can be a tricky deal
    for international shipping. There are different rules for different
    countries and if you're using paypal to get your money, there are
    certain restriction on if your packages will be covered by their
    seller protections. {{From the top of my head}}-- packages must be
    shipped 1. to a confirmed address (PayPal only confirms a handful of
    foreign countries' addresses), 2. tracked, 3. insured. Otherwise you
    could be out your merchandise & your money. 

    There are a couple of private companies that will insure & track
    packages shipped internationally. There are sellers who swear by
    these services and you can find the info on the boards. I've checked
    into them and it looks like a good solution. 

    I always ask customers how to mark the customs forms. Some like
    "costume jewelry", some "used jewelry" (for my vintage jewelry
    sales)... it all depends on their customs regs. Also, since they
    probably will have to pay a duty, I only mark the value of the item
    the exact amount they paid not including the shipping. If you round
    the amount up, or overestimate the value, they can get hit with
    higher custom fees. 

    Check out Ebay's chat boards. Hopefully you'll find what you're
    looking for there. 

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