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[Orchid] Kid's Party
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marilyn smith Wednesday, September 07, 2005
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    Someone in the last year wrote of making real bracelets at
    children's parties. I told my daughter in law about this and that I
    knew a six year old who would like to do this. (Big smile here) Last
    Saturday, I attended my granddaughter's seventh birthday party.
    There were six first grade girls waiting for me. It all went
    beautifully. Even when I sat down and asked if anyone knew what a
    pearl was and one little girl put her hand up and said "Is this like
    school?" They had no problems stringing the C grade freshwater
    pearls that I had brought. I also had black and green beads to use
    as pattern accents. Thank you very much, they already knew what
    patterns are and proceeded to string up some very nice examples. I
    had even brought little shinny boxes with ribbons on them for the
    presentation to the mommies in another room. Thanks to whoever wrote
    in with this idea. It was a real hit. Now what do I do for the
    eighth birthday party? <grin> 


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