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Re: [Orchid] Music at my Booth
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PHILANDMARGGI Tuesday, January 04, 2005
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    Roseanne - I am allergic to scent, as are many others these days. I
    don't know why it is becoming more common. . But I do know several
    others in my circle of acquaintances that are sensitive/allergic to
    perfume.  It gives me a horrible sinus headache. I cannot stay long
    in the vicinity of incence in particular. Just something to consider
    when using scent to add atmosphere to your booth. There are many of
    us who will avoid your booth like the plague, or cut short our time
    examining and appreciating your lovely creations. And it is not a
    matter of natural vs. synthetic, expensive vs. cheap, like vs.
    dislike. Even the scents I like (or used to, before the allergy
    kicked in) have the same effect. You might be driving away potential
    customers and not even realise it. 

FWIW, Marggi 

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